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Spending a lot of time in laboratories, and constantly sanitising, left my skin in tatters. The small warts I had always had on my hands were increasing and were dry and cracked.  My hands were rough like those of a construction worker and none of the products I was using helped.

My hands were dry, hard and cracked. On the rest of my body my skin was so fragile, I had to apply lotion immediately after a shower.  My skin was weak and easily developed stretch marks even though I did not put on much weight, at the time.  Then I remembered seeing a video of a post-doc who was horrified when he found out that the lip balm he was using had petroleum jelly (petrolatum) in it.  I realised, just as he did that even though I was a scientist I had never read the ingredients list of the products I was using on my skin.  I had taken for granted that the people who developed them were only using the best ingredients for my skin…oh NO my friend that was not the case.

I was so horrified, angry and shocked, even a little embarrassed to think that as a scientist I had not paid attention to this at all.  Boy was I scared, when I started reading the ingredient lists. More so, when I realised that most of them contained petrolatum, petroleum jelly or some other kind of by-product from the petrochemical industry. Some of the ingredients,  I had used in the lab and for the life of me I could not understand what they were doing in my skin care products!  That’s when I decided to make my own.

I tried the body butter I made first on myself and then some family and friends, who were curious to try it.  After countless teething problems I finally have a product that to my amazement has helped people deal with eczema, stretch-marks, nappy rash and so much more.

For me it has helped me reconnect with my skin and through that to the rest of my body….it is an ongoing journey.  Now I pay much more attention to what is in what I put on and in my body.  I know when I am being naughty and when I am being good to myself.  This has helped me reconnect with my body in a huge way.  My scientific training led me to focus more on my brain and what I could do with it.  This led me down a path where my body was just a vehicle for my brain.  Creating these products has been a journey of self-love and care which has led me to deepen my connection to all aspects of my being.  And I have wonderfully discovered that there is much more to me than what my brain could have ever come up with.

More than anything I hope to share this message with you that your body is much much more than you have been led to believe it is….it is a divining tool of the Gods as I have read in many spiritual texts.  All you have to do is connect with and learn from the knowledge your body already carries.  With these products I hope you initiate yourself into a deeper connection with your body: “the most magnificent machine you will ever own” (Karyn Calabrese).

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Barbara Keitumetse Mashope

Founder and Managing Director

My passion for nature & nature-based innovation systems led me to obtain a Phd in Interdisciplinary Science from the University of the Free State (2007).  I have also worked in various sectors of the South African Scientific arena.  I am fascinated by indigenous medicinal plants, their genetics and how their products interact with human beings.  My first offering of a signature body balm range is an expression of the benevolent entanglement of my scientific training, indigenous knowledge and spiritual journey.

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